15 Interesting and fun facts about birds

15 Interesting and fun facts about birds

Birds are the most remarkable species of the earth. They are so beautiful, diverse and amazing that we stand in awe of them. Watching birds is a popular hobby among millions of people around the globe. People with their best binoculars for birding watch birds for hours, studying and watching their life and living pattern.

Each species is special, from a common house sparrow to the majestic bald eagle birds are spectacular. Such is the cultural, demographic and historic importance of birds that, many nation’s flags have birds as their national symbol. So here are 15 interesting and amazing facts about birds:

The Fastest Bird:

The fastest bird is the penguin falcon, this bird of prey can reach up to 400km/h speed while free falling. This helps it to hunt medium-sized prey. Due to its speed and agility, it has been used by the hunters for centuries. Other than Antarctica, it is found across the globe.

Peregrine falcon with prey

The Slowest Bird:

The American woodcock is the slowest bird on the planet. It flies at a speed of 8km/h. They have a unique eye placement, through which they can look in the sky for any danger as well as on the ground for prey.

American woodcock

The Fastest Land Bird:

The fastest land bird is an ostrich. This huge bird is also the largest in the world. It can reach up to the speed of 70/h. The ostrich also has the largest eyes for any land animal on earth.


The smallest and the Hungriest Bird:

The hummingbird besides being the smallest bird can also flap its wing at 200 times per second or 12000 times in a minute, incredible isn’t it? They beat so fast that you can hardly see them. They are ferocious eaters, they eat nectar twice their weight every day. One more fact that makes it more amazing is that it can fly backward.


The Aquatic champion:

The penguin is the aquatic bird champion. They are incredible in water, some species can reach a speed of 36km/h. They can swim four times faster than humans. The emperor penguin can dive at depth of 535m, can also hold its breath for 5-18 minutes.


The Most Talkative Bird:

Parrots are one of the most beautiful members of the bird’s species. They are very talkative in nature. They are widely used in the entertainment industry or as pets. The African grey parrot is the most talkative bird, it can speak around 800 to 1000words.

African grey parrot

The Best Mail delivering birds:

Homing pigeons have this marvelous ability to find their home even from long distances. Pigeons were used for carrying and delivering message centuries. In ancient Greece, they also were used to deliver the Olympic Games winners.

Homing pigeons

The Amazing Mimicker:

The ravens can mimic human speech and sounds. They are amazing mimics. This quality is only prevalent in places where humans dwell. In wild the ravens sometimes imitate other animal’s sound. If held in captivity they are said to be superior to parrots in mimicking humans.


The Birds with the most expensive and Edible Nests:

The nests of swiftlet is a very expensive food item in some countries like China. These birds build their nests with their hardened saliva. These nests are used to make nest soup. It is also known as the “Caviar of the East,” A single kilogram may cost anywhere around $2500 to $10000. A single bowl of swiftlet soup can cost from $30 to $100.

nests of swiftlet

The Farting bird:

The Bassian is a bird that finds its prey primarily the worms by farting on the leaves under which worms are hidden. The farting moves the leaves and exposes the worms which the Bassian then eats.


So these are 10 amazing facts about the most mesmerizing and amazing species of the earth. I hope you learned some great facts today. Birding should also be developed in children at an early age so that they also form an interest in birds. If you are a birdwatcher you could now have some birds added to your list for the year 2020, which you can watch through your best binoculars for 2020 and have an amazing bird watching experience.

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