Best Binocular for whale watching

Best Binoculars for whale watching 2020

Whales are the most fascinating and mesmerizing creatures on earth. It is because of the majestic, gentle, and charming nature of whales that millions of people indulge in whale watching with their binoculars. Whale and dolphin watching is the most favorite marine activity for enthusiasts. Earlier whales were hunted mercilessly for their exploits, and it leads to their species coming to the edge of extinction. Things have changed for good, people have released their importance and beauty and now hunt them with their cameras and binoculars. People are respecting their natural habitat and are giving them their space.

When the whale watching season is at its peak, people flock in large numbers to watch these amazing wonders of nature. People are blown away by the sheer size of the whales. They feel so tiny in front of the largest animal on land and ocean. It is this adrenaline rush when you get while watching whales is what makes this sport more popular with each passing day.

What makes whales so splendid and likable?

Whales have fascinated humanity since eternity. They are the most interesting marine species across the globe. Many things make whales so exciting to watch, some of these are:

Whales are the most gentle marine creatures:

Irrespective of their massive size, whales are the most gentle of creatures. Just opposite to the dreaded sharks, these marine wonders are tender and harmless. This friendly nature of whale makes the watching experience most memorable for people. They are always traveling in a family unit with the elders protecting the younger ones. This traveling in the family also allows the whale watcher to watch them in large numbers.

Whales have an aura of mystery surrounding them:

There is so much to whales, which is still a mystery to humans. They spend most of their time diving into the deep depths of the ocean. There is so much left to explore about the whales. It is this mystery factor that attracts million to whale watching, seeing through their binoculars for whale watching, and understanding the mystery of the whale.

They are the biggest species on the planet:

Whales are, no doubt, the most massive creatures on earth. They are so big that it is an astounding experience to watch them. They are nearly impossible to miss while you watch for them. Even if you are afraid to go near them to see them, they are so big that you can easily watch them from a safer side with even a normal binocular for birdwatching. We can see them doing all the beautiful activities like spraying water from their blowholes, doing aquatic stunts, etc.

Whales are Tough and smart:

Whales are the most robust species across the world. They are known to migrate on the longest routes in the ocean for finding feeding grounds and breeding. Their species is so strong that they have survived 55 million years on this planet. They are also intelligent creatures. Whales have their social structures. They show care for their younger ones and protect them against all the odds. Some species also produce sound vibrations to communicate. They also travel on groups to long routes for the continuation of their species survival.

Binoculars for whale watching:

Now we know why we all love whales. Knowing them enhances our desire to watch them from up close. That is why we need the perfect binoculars for whale watching. Here we have reviewed and compiled a list of 5 binoculars that we find best to satisfy your desire for whale watching.

Best overall

Model 9800 Binoculars from Skyhawk

The model 9800 is an excellent product from SkyHawk Binoculars. It is a perfect overall product for whale watching. The Model 9800 has ED (Extra-low dispersion) glass, which improves your light transmission to the binoculars and terminates any chromatic aberration, which is a severe hindrance to a clear view of the whale. It has an anti-reflective prism coating, which enhances the viewing experience.
The all-new model 9800 also has a Panhead, which is constructed with aluminum along with a quick-release plate to improve performance and increased Pandead fluency for better tilting and panning. The Panhead handle is wear-resistant, which gives it a firm and comfortable grip.

The most amazing thing that made it take the top slot is the attachable wheels, made with floor-friendly rubber wheels. It provides mobility to the user, which is crucial in whale watching. This product is perfect for long-distance viewing 25x power and 40x power, with a focal length of 500mm, which makes it sensational whale watching binoculars.

Model 9800 Binoculars from Skyhawk
Model 9800 Binoculars from Skyhawk


  • High Build quality
  • Comes with attachable wheels and tripod
  • .Extra low Dispersion glass
  • Great long distance viewing


High Price

Best In Quality

Nikon Aculon A211 Binoculars (Black)

The Nikon Aculon is the best Binoculars for whale hunting when it comes to quality. It comes with 10-22x magnification multicoated Eco glasses. It is built of Bak4 Parro prism lenses, which deliver a clear and bright image in every lighting condition. Everything about this Binoculars speaks of high quality. Made with an ergonomic binocular design, which gives a great feel to the hands, and the picture it delivers is also crystal clear. The control knob is easy to reach and provides fingertip zoom, which makes it easier for the user for quick and smooth adjustment of magnification. You can increase the magnification from 10 to 22 power with the central focus knob.

It is worth every penny you spend. The case in which it comes is perfect, and the strap is comfortable and robust. You also get micro-fiber cloth for cleaning the lends and even lens cleaning pen, which can is indeed a bonus. The Nikon Aculon A211 also comes with a tripod mount, which can be helpful in whale watching. Great design comes with a rubber-armored coating, which gives it a non-slip grip even in the wet conditions. The model also comes with rubber eyecups, which are turned and slide multi-click rubber eyecups, which allows the users to adjust it to their comfort.

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