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The world is waking up to the global coronavirus crisis in 2020. US health department has said that over 300 million facemasks would be needed to fight this global epidemic. But to fight this monster we don’t need just any ordinary face mask. What we need is the best medical face mask in 2020. More and more airborne epidemics discovered in recent times around the globe. There is also a grievous problem of the rising population and pollution in the world. Face mask especially the medical mask are a necessity just like clothes and should be worn every time you step out of the house. Not only you but everyone in the family must use the medical mask.

There are two types of face masks that are effective that can help against the virus infection and also any other kind of virus or pollution:

Face Masks and N95 respirator masks

So what is the difference between a medical face mask and an N95 respirator mask?

Medical Face Masks

The general medical or surgical face masks are common and everyone thinks of just that whenever the word facemask comes to mind. They are usually worn by medical workers as they prevent any fluid or particle from falling into their mouth or vice versa. But the drawback that they have is that they are loose and often allow the airborne elements to come in. People around the countries which suffer from heavy pollution like China and India use it to prevent them from pollution.

The face mask is designed basically for preventing the liquid particles of a person in event of sneeze or cough to enter your nasal or oral cavity. Using the normal medical mask prevents you from getting an infection from an infected person when you are in close contact. It also does the reverse that prevents anyone from infected through you if you wear it. These are also designed to prevent any hand to mouth spreading of infection. As the mask prevents any contact of your mouth to infected hands. The only limitation that it has is it has its limitations with airborne viruses from entering your body.

N95 Respirator Masks

These limitations of the medical face mask are covered by the N95 respirators masks. The N95 respirator masks are tight mask worn around the face as a protective device. It gets the name as 95 as it shows the percentage of tiny particles that it blocks from entering your mouth or nose. They are manufactured by many companies across the globe and also come in all sizes and shapes. You need to be sure that the mark N95 is there on the mask packaging. As various masks only write as respirator masks and omit the N95 part, which is most crucial, this means that they are not N95 medical masks but only general medical face masks. The N95 respirator masks are most effective of all masks.

The N95 Respirator face masks should be worn properly otherwise all its effectiveness is lost. It should be worn tightly around your mouth and nose and should have no gaps in between. It should be worn like this every time you go out. Don’t let it be lost or change its position.

We have analyzed, researched and based on customer reviews also have selected the top 5 medical and N5 respiratory masks for your best protection against viruses (coronavirus) and infection.

The best five N5 respirator masks and best 5 medical masks:

3M 8200HB3-A Sanding and Fiberglass N5 Respirator

3M N5 Respirator Mask
3M N5 Respirator Mask

This is a good quality N5 respirator medical mask. It is a NIOSH N5 approved mask very effective in virus and infection protection. This comes with an adjustable nose clip which is very effective against fogging. It also is effective in protecting against pollution, and dust particles. The company promises 95% protection against all particles that are devoid of oil. These N5 respirator masks are highly durable and are very easy to use. This mask is also free of latex rubber. These are also a great help for people who suffer from allergies caused by dust and related elements.


  • 95% of protection from tiny particles
  • Highly durable
  • NIOSH approved
  • Adjustable Nose clip


  • Condensation build-up in hot weather

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