Best Night Vision Monocular for 2020

Best Night Vision Monocular for 2020

People who are into nocturnal activities always prefer night vision monocular over binoculars. Hunters, marines, and many others find the monocular a better and easily handled equipment, which assists them greatly at night. You might not be able to see for long distances at night time. To tackle these types of hurdles, Germans invented night vision back in 1930. The basic plan behind the development of night vision is to survey the enemy lines at the time of dark. After them, the Americans also develop their kind of night vision during world war 2. 

Over time, there has been a significant boost in technology regarding night vision. There are different generations involved with the invention of these night vision armory. Some of the first generation models are still available in the market with nominal prices. In the article below, we will discuss the seven best night vision monoculars in the market with their pros and cons.

Top PicsModelPriceRating
Bestguarder Night VisionCheck Price9.9
Astromania Night-Vision MonocularCheck Price9.8
Night Owl IgenCheck Price9.7
Bushnell Equinox ZCheck Price9.6
Solomark Night Vision MonocularCheck Price9.5
ESSLNB Night VisionCheck Price9.4
Firefield NightfallCheck Price9.3

1. Bestguarder Night Vision:

The night vision monoculars are a good deal if you are aiming for your wildlife photography adventure. This is very useful as it can even trace the animal up to 1150 feet away from the source. It is very user friendly as the buttons are marked and portable to operate with much ease. The digital zoom of this bestguarder model works well with all types of video and photo capturing in the complete darkness. The details such as date and time stamped for pictures and sound enabled videos can be quickly loaded. The brightness levels are available with three primary options to choose from the open sourcing.

It also provides a toggle button for daytime use through IR. With all of these market-leading facilities, there is a gap in the performance for calculating the battery power. The model needs to be changed from time to time in short spans. It also lags the autofocus option. With the overall performance, the unit is quite durable, with added features such as a water-resistant and tripod setting. It could be used very effectively with the tripod system with additional support. The model comes with a one-year complete warranty with at home service support.


  • Clear images.
  • Date and time stamp with image setting.
  • Digital and clear zoom.
  • Water-resistant up to 50 Ft.
  • Adjustable brightness control button.
  • Ease of use.
  • Combination of pictures and videos with a single click.


  • Absence of autofocus.
  • Less battery life.

2. Astromania Night-Vision Monocular:

This is one of the unique models available in the market because it supports the dual mode of operation. It can perform during the night as well as day timing. The target is to achieve day and night performance. It isn’t a night vision monocular. Instead, we can call it a digital monocular.  The LED color is also of dual setting during daytime operation the LED acts as a colorful display, and at dusk, it turns into black and white. The IR comes with seven adjustable settings with image brightness of 850nm.

It comes with four zoom triggers consisting of 1, 1.3, 1.6, and 2x magnification. Simply take the image or capture the video at sharp angles directly uploading the same via AV and USB cables. The AV and USB cables come with the product out of the box. The Astromania is very handy as it weights less than a pound, and its size is also very compact that it can fit into your palm comfortably. This monocular is a dream product with this price tag.


  • Lower price
  • Digital zoom with advanced technology.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Zoom controlling button.
  • Color LED display.


  • Poor quality control.
  • Software updation not allowed.

3. Night Owl Igen Night Vision Monoculars:

Night Owl is one of the significant night vision Monoculars providing the company with a good reputation in the market due to its advanced software. This device has one of the vital infrared sensors in the market. With high power infrared setting, it provides some of the market-leading pictures. The IR feature will automatically adjust to provide sharp and clear images. The automatic timer helps you to shoot the photos and videos according to the time setting.

The magnification of the model stands at 2.6x  with a viewing angle of 12 degrees. This model comes with a four-color option, namely, amber, red, green, black, and white. Three hundred feet is the minimum distance for illumination. It also supports dual operation mode, i.e., it enables users to take clear pictures with high quality of video recording. The battery and price-quality with available features are downside options for the concerned model.


  • Multiple color options.
  • Highly programmable.
  • Clear and quality images.
  • Video quality with advanced features.
  • Automatic IR detecting.
  • Photo-detection.


  • Bit costly
  • Low battery life.

4. Bushnell Equinox Z Night Vision Monocular:

Bushnell Equinox is one of the latest models in the market with specified color options. It is a fully digital device that can perform big tasks. It provides the user with a very high-quality image. This monocular will help you to undercover your adventures day and night. This gadget keeps you busy with its advanced and high tech features. Equinox comes with all the major apps and meters for your ease. The 6x magnification range extends up to 50mm objective lens.

This ambient light feature helps the user for possible work on night timings as well. The Equinox Z night vision monocular comes with a dual-mode of operation, i.e., it can perform on both ends, for night vision as well as for the day section. The size of the model is comparatively smaller as compared to other night vision monoculars available in the market. The product is more substantial as it weighs in at 1.5 pounds. Always opt for the monocular with a real brand value that comes from its history of products.


  • The pricing is highly competitive.
  • Loaded with digital technology.
  • Magnification range of about 6mm.
  • 50mm digital objective lens.
  • Fully wifi enabled.
  • Good customer support.


  • The model is quite heavy.
  • Lags color options.

5. Solomark Night Vision Monocular:

The Solomark night vision is highly popular for dim lighting images. It comes loaded with a quality lens that can provide you clear images even in a shallow light when its dark. It is so famous for the perfect pictures as it can capture the same even in the dim light are without the IR illuminations. The images taken with this product provide transparent and quality material with details up to 328 feet. There are seven levels involved in the implementation of the picture quality. It can provide smooth zooming with 2x digital having average to good quality, battery life turning the source on for approx five hours.

The compactness and rigidity of the material depend on the out frame with its rubber grip hold technique, which is very useful for adventure training. The downside may include that it doesn’t allow you to activate the date and time stamp as it doesn’t have any. The viewing angle of the shot is also minimal as compared to other night vision monocular. The out of the box consists of the SD card, cables and high-quality neck strap with a soft and a compact carrying bag for the monoculars. The model comes with a limited 2-year warranty for the central unit. The accessory stands for a mere 6-month warranty.


  • High-quality photos and videos in a single shot.
  • Range of seven illumination levels.
  • Compact design.
  • Accessories.
  • 2-year complete warranty.
  • Quality image sourcing without IR.


  • Low-quality images with high zoom.
  • Smaller viewing angle.

6. ESSLNB Night Vision Monocular:

This is one of the most digital and smart monoculars in the market. It is completely a single handheld monocular with both function occupancy, i.e., video and image mode. The image quality if good, when the zoom is off while night vision, provides 5x optical zoom. The night vision also enables an additional 8x digital zoom with an objective lens range stretching 40mm.

656 is the basic observation range for the product during the daytime loops. There is a plus point as this product carries a date and time stamp function, which helps you to memorize your image in the future. There is a package of complete additional accessories with the ESSLNB out of the box. It comes with an AV, USB, and an additional storage 8G TG  card, which is a customer-friendly approach. The downside approach is the buttons on the sleek edge, which is quite difficult to push and seems to be more of an obstacle as the user manual doesn’t provide much information regarding the product.


  • High zooming option.
  • Loaded with date and time stamp function.
  • High-quality video and photo.
  • Large storage capacity.
  • Additional accessories out of the box.
  • Rechargeable battery.


  • Poor and incomplete user manual.
  • The navigation buttons are hard to click.

7. Firefield FF24066 Nightfall Night Vision monocular:

It is one of the products you’ll love to carry on with your adventure trip while going out in the dark. If you are an adventurer, you should know the value of such products as they could provide you some of the great moments of your life. It comes with a detection range of 200 yards. It consists of an 805nm IR built-in illuminator. There is a whopping 50 mm objective lens that provides 5x magnification. The size of this monocular is somehow on the downside of the count, as it is a bit heavier as compared to other models.


  • 5x digital magnification.
  • 50 mm range of the objective lens.
  • Close focus range up to 1 yard.
  • 1 Gen technology.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Rubber palm support.


  • Quality control issues.
  • Technology lags in the field of software updates.

Consideration based on purpose:

Consideration of the night vision monoculars depends on several features. Some of the points while considering the buying option include the environment-friendly techniques. These include image quality, the field of view, cost, resolution, etc. the image quality if the best source while considering the purpose of the night vision monoculars.

Tactical and hunting:

Night vision monocular is a must to have gadgets while touring and aiming for an adventure sport during the night. It not only provides you one of the coolest things to do in adventure sport but also helps you to hunt down your specified target in the night time. Different night vision monocular comes with a different range and a price tag. You can specifically buy one according to your needs. The military-grade night vision is always a worth to buy the product. The night vision monocular also had the adjustable fittings for helmets.

Observation and surveillance:

The observation and surveillance are one of the main motos behind targeting the night vision equipment. The prime motive behind the observation is to observe the enemy target and hit the specified ground with maximum accuracy. Targeting enemies at night need high tech equipment, which includes a good and accurate night vision monocular. It is used for navigation and surveillance purposes also. The surveillance calculates the quality zooming option. Tracking becomes very easy through good quality night vision products. Some can even detect hidden cameras in the night with clear images.

Weight and size:

It is very important to know the exact weight and dimensions of the product you are going to purchase. Night Vision Monoculars are very compact, but the range varies with different branding. The weight of the main unit without the batteries stands at 300 grams, while the addition of the battery makes it a bit heavier to around 700 grams. The dimension of the unit varies from single-mode to dual operation mode. The single mode of operation stands tall with an approx 120*50*70 mm. The night vision should always opt with a lightweight priority while buying one.

Different generation of Monoculars:

Like any other digital product, night vision monocular has also gone through different generations with several technical specifications adding from time to time. Technical specifications are not a thing to discuss here as we will elaborate on each generation below, but rather we focus on what is the actual difference in the viewing at the night time. The time for which they lasted and when replaced by the newer generation. It doesn’t mean that the lower generation model is out of the race, but instead, we can still find the antiques in the market with good servicing.

Generation 1:

The main thing which is calculative for generation 1 is affordability for the clients. You can easily sort things out at the night timing. It lets you see something in comparison with nothing. This generation of night vision dates back to about 1960. The maximum range of allowable picture is 75 yards. The images were not too bright and of lower resolution. The battery performance was also low at that time. The life expectancy of the product was also short. There were no in hand warranty schemes. The versatility of the product is very low, as they do not support the military-grade operation.

Generation 2:

There is a huge gap between generation 1 and generation 2 in terms of technological advances. The testing of generation 2 and generation 3 of almost on the same track. The education of generation grade levels of night vision monoculars enables you to opt for the right product and their related differences. They are not reliable for longer ranges as compared to their predecessors. There was no blooming. Same operational tracks with longer battery life.

Generation 3:

Generation 3 is the most famous and most successful generation among all of the generations of the night vision monoculars. The third generation of night vision monoculars is said to be the gold generation of the product. There are further different sub-levels in this generation, among which all are of equal importance. The minimum access range for this type of generation is 300 yards. It provides some of the exceptional quality images as the brightness need is also of very high quality. The third generation provides you better battery life, and they will last longer than any of the four generations with proper care.

Generation 4:

According to the united states Army, there is no fourth generation of night vision monoculars. After the testing scenario related to the fourth generation, the technology involved in the process hamper the testing as it does not meet the requirement of the organization. Generation fourth sometime also misinterpret with unfilmed as it is similar to filmless generation 3. The real place for generation 4 exists as the unfilmed generation 3 or hand-selected autogated models of generation 3. Beyond these this technology is still called generation 4 in some market due to their newer technological advancements.

Buying guide to Best Night Vision Monoculars

While opting for the night vision monoculars, you should always go through certain points and check them yourself. Every model consists of their expertise and specialty. Night vision monoculars come with different types of features like-wise dual and one mode of operation. For selecting your preferred model to choose wisely, depending on the use in consideration of your area of interest. Follow the points elaborated below, among which features and consideration regarding the night vision monoculars depict the right use for the right purpose.

Buying guide to Best Night Vision Monoculars
Buying guide to Best Night Vision Monoculars


Recording: Recording is the main feature while filming night photography as they are used to capture one of the best night scenes. These types of memory can be easily saved with audio.

Head-mounted: it enables you to go hands-free at the time of picture capturing during hunting.

Power source: power source includes the batteries of the system. Select according to the model as a long-lasting battery helps you to capture more images and longer adventure trips in a single charge.

Accessories: this includes the additional accessories which come with the main unit out of the box. It may include AV, USB, protective case and unit strap, etc. They vary from product to product.

Toggleable IR: it helps the user to connect and adjust to IR capability.

Tripod capability: almost every model has this facility to go hands-free while filming. They help you to capture a perfect shot during your adventure trip.

Rubber coated construction: they help you to provide better gripping while traveling and shooting simultaneously. It even doesn’t slip if you are wearing your gloves.

Water-resistant: water-resistant features add additional product quality, which is very helpful in time of rain.


There are few points elaborated below which you should consider while buying a night vision monocular:

Environment: while purchasing the product, you always keep in mind about the environmental condition of the place where you are going to use this night vision. Better selection helps you to enhance your performance on the ground.

Gain: it purely depends on the amount of light for magnification. More magnification offers more light.

Image quality: it is obvious that better image quality comes at a higher price. Affordable product lags the high image quality.

Resolution: resolution offers better image quality with video and photo capability.

Field of view: field of view can be express in terms of angle to the width of the field.  It relates to the area captured in the lens. There is a smaller field of view provides greater magnification.

IR illuminator: it can be directly equalized to a flashlight. Some models offer the moon and sun with additional shadows.

Cost: the costing is the main consideration while opting for the night vision monocular. Cost varies from product to product, depending on the type of features they have. With additional features, the cost increases.


1. Does a night vision monocular show clear images during the daytime?

No, the night vision monocular is of no use at day time. The product uses the starlight and moonlight for producing an image sourcing at night, whereas in day timings, even the smallest shadow hampers the image sourcing.

2. Can a night vision monocular see through the fog?

Thermal imaging cameras can easily see through the fog and snow and rain depending on the type of atmospheric absorption at that place. There are certain factors available in the atmosphere which limits the image sourcing.

3. What’s the difference between the night vision and thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging doesn’t use any visible light for image sourcing while the night vision detects the image sourcing in continuation of the available low light. Brighter light can destroy the night vision intensifier tubes because they are sophisticated and design for lower light operation.

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