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Bird Watching- A Hobby That Can Transform Your Life

“The presence of a single bird can change everything for one who appreciates them.”– Julie Zickefoose

Birds are all around us, even if we notice them or ignore them. The mornings would lose its charm if there is no chirping of birds in it. Birds are like flying inspirations for humans, each encouraging us to fly high in life. It is absolute bliss to see a bird and follow its life. That is why there are more and more people taking up this amazing and fulfilling hobby of birding or bird watching. Only a birdwatcher would truly understand the joy that he or she feels when they see these wonders of nature carrying on with their daily chores of life.

In this age of smartphones and computers, people have lost their touch to nature. Kids today are even more aloof from the joy and jubilation that nature offers. The only birds that they are in touch with are the ‘angry birds’. We all are lost in the pursuit of money and carrier, lost in this rat race. Life is stressed and relationships strained. But your life is you’re to reclaim, start with the small hobby of bird watching and witness your life being changed for good. Today though this blog I would explain that how getting the best binoculars for birding and stepping out to look for birds can transform your life.

It gets you closer to Mother Nature:

All of our stress and tensions would vanish if we are in touch with nature. Birding does just that. We humans are not alone on this planet, all our flora and fauna make a big interconnected family. Often in the hustle of life, we forget this connection and that is why we feel so empty inside. Birdwatching brings us back to this family bond. It allows us to experience mother nature in its finest beauty. When you watch a sparrow bouncing around for food or a woodpecker pecking a tree through bird thorough birding binoculars you can see them so close to you. You feel their life, and this brings a sense of connectivity and joy.

It gets you closer to Mother Nature

It enhances your personality:

Bird watching is a passionate sport. It requires loads of patience and paying attention to the minute details. Following a bird’s activity requires hours of keeping still and waiting for that perfect moment to cherish. This hobby not only enhances your positive personality aspects like patience and perseverance but also makes you attentive to the finest details of life. It changes your whole attitude towards life. It changes the way you look at life. Bird watching brings the best out in you and transforms your persona. Your gratitude towards your relationships increases and you tend to care more about your family and friends.

It enhances your personality

It encourages you to spend quality time outdoors:

Modern-day lifestyle has confined our lives inside the cubicles of office and the walls of our houses. It is really suffocating and we are like our own prisoners. Bird watching changes all that. When you take your best binocular for birding and chase a lovely bird, you enjoy the freedom of being on the out and breathe the fresh air. Birding helps you break the shackles of boredom and takes you out on a constant feeling of adventure and bliss.

It encourages you to spend quality time outdoors

It makes you meet wonderful people and form new friends:

Bird watching is a popular hobby. It consists of the most generous, kind, warm and compassionate group of people. They are always ready to help a newbie. They form a very bonded friendships. When you develop briding as a hobby you meet these amazing bunch of people. You can form great friendships, which can last for a lifetime. You would be a part of an ever-growing group of great people, who share a common emotion towards the betterment of our nature and globe.

It makes you meet wonderful people and form new friends:

It is a 365-day activity:

The best thing about briding is that it is an all-year activity. Birds are there for a year every day. it is only when you are aiming for any migratory bird, then you have to wait for the season. For any other bird, you just need your best birding binoculars and you are ready for the adventure. Every season is a special season with each season we enjoy various aspects of a bird’s life. from spring for nesting, summer for watching the young hatchlings, fall and winter watching them grow and enjoy life. Thus watching birds is a year-long adventure filled with new excitement and discoveries.

It is a 365-day activity

It is easy on a pocket hobby:

Bird watching is a very economical hobby. One can start it with literally nothing. But if you are in serious pursuit of birds, then the only major investment is on buying the best binoculars for birding. A binocular can cost between a few bucks to a few hundred bucks, depending upon your budget and quality of the binoculars. Other than that you need literally nothing much to enjoy watching birds. It is really a great hobby to pursue and very additive to. Once you are smitten by the love for bird watching, there is no coming back.

It is easy on a pocket hobby


In this fast-moving world, where everyone is just running in a mad circle. Birdwatching comes as a gentle breeze of relief. It is a hobby that can really transform your life for good. It would enhance the positive energy within you and make you appreciate the nature around you. You would be mesmerized with the life of the birds. You would feel one with mother nature and your heart would be filled with joy and delight. Nothing can be more ecstatic than watching the beautiful creation of the nature that is Birds.

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