Birding- Discover a New World During Quarantine

Birdwatching -Discover a New World During Quarantine

Corona Virus has been devastating for the whole world. It has broken all the pre-existing notions around the globe. Humanity stands humble before nature; almost every human is under quarantine. In these dark and frustrating times, Birdwatching or birding can become your refuge and comfort as it has the power to transform your whole world for good. Looking and observing birds can be a soul healing experience in the present times. It can help you overcome this complete grief and fear and can fill you up with enthusiasm and hope. Birding can bring you close to mother nature and make you a better human.

Birds are fascinating creatures, they have feathers, and feathers give power to them. Flying around with a powerful flight generates confidence in birds. Curving through the corners of tress or hailing from a peak straightway down, controlling the flight movement with a crisp of a tail, watching them count the natural flow is none but a scenic beauty to watch. Birding is no rocket science, but you’ll need some of the research theory. Wildlife observation can be done either by naked eyes or through birding binoculars. Ornithology is nothing to do with birdwatching, and instead, the latter is a complete professional technique of identifying birds with eyes and ears. There is no scientific theory applied in bird watching, and it is purely natural.

Bird watching: History and Current Scenario

In the nineteenth century, there was a significant increase in bird watching, which is not limited to sightseeing. By that time, various organizations invite bird watchers and enthusiasts from different places to take part in an open bird watching campaign. During the time of these campaigns, they also invite scholars and professors for multiple resourcing of the area. It is always a beneficial task to track the turf at the same time when you have a bunch of explorers and knowledge enthusiasts surrounding you.

Bird watching is a very inexpensive hobby, and it includes wandering all around for an adventure. There is no reason for disliking such an enjoyable task. With the introduction of high tech binoculars, now bird watching has become the best sourcing adventure for youths. One can even carry a notebook and a set of other useful equipment while traveling, as noting down the recording time helps to trace the behavior of individual species.

Flying Yellow Bird

Bird watching and birding:

In 1891 the term birdwatching was coined for the first time. In early times the bird watching is used to trace the food. Birdwatching was one of the most beneficial sources for hunting as some birds helped in finding the right hunt for the hunters. Birding was also a recreational activity for travelers and adventurers. The term twitching relates to a synonym of a birder. This term is for the person who travels a lot for a long distance just to check out the rare right bird and tick out its flight. There is no doubt that birds are one of the best ambassadors of peace from nature. Bird watchers explain the beauty of life by the eyes of the birds. They calculate their flights and by following with them that they can even predict when and where they will take their next trip.

Close-Up Photo of Blue Bird

Birding Equipment:

As we know that bird watching can be done quickly with the naked eyes, but the use of binoculars and other equipment to make this adventure even more exciting. A good binocular is a must to have while going out of the town for a bird watching hobby. Some professionals either use a telescope or scopes with the combination of binoculars. Choose one of the best binoculars for birding for the real image quality. Better magnification gives a better opportunity to the birder for a good look. The tripod and an additional strap may come handy at the site. Tripods are very helpful for still birding like ducks in the lake. One can also opt for Digiscoping, in which cameras are joined parallel to the portable telescopes. It is instrumental in sightseeing the birds hopping from one tree to another with quick action.

Birding Equipment
Birding Equipment

Science and research:

Bird watching is a natural hobby, which is very advantageous for several organizations and NGOs as the birdwatcher frequently comes in contact with the rare bird species, and they are the ones who get to know about the change in bird behavior at the first place. It is the reason majority of bird watchers use to affiliate themselves with these organizations and help the bird for a good cause. They help to keep the balance in an ecosystem while maintaining the environment at its best. The term which could perfectly correlate them with bird watching is citizen science. If any miss happening occurs near to the area, bird watchers are the first to inform the authority as the birds lead their way to different destinations.

Two Birds Flying

Bird organizations:

There are several birdwatching organizations which are serving for the good of the birds:-

  • Birdlife international
  • Royal Society for the protection of birds
  • Wildlife society
  • Birdlife Australia
  • American bird conservation society
  • National Audubon Society

Bird watching tour:

The popularity of bird watching is so viral that many tour companies have launched the schemes related to bird watching and adventure traveling. With these specified packages, you get a majority of your landings with extra benefits like travel claims and placed oriented cuisines. The need for bird watching depends on the mindset of the traveler. One should be sure enough while opting for the concerned packages because there were hardly any refund facilities in these types of tours. The refund policy lags as the place is substantially challenging to find for bird watching, where larger species of birds can be seen collectively. The travel company helps you find a suitable position to camp if you want to be on your own at the time of night stay. You can guard your field with your friends, according to your needs. It is worth mentioning that staying within the campaigning range is advisable.

Birdwatching area and category:

Birdwatching can be a general exercise starting from your garden, ending up in a zoo or forest. The garden is the best area to begin. You can see different categories of birds hopping up and down under the trees and bushes. Watch them and feel their charm. You must notice their activity and behavior. Birdwatching is a hobby that needs patience. You should relax and make yourself comfortable while you plan to take this as your professional task. You can even opt for a particular bird watching holiday if you need a startup tour at first sight.

Local parks and natural garden in the outer area of the city is a rich source of bird watching. You should make up your mind to choose it as a hobby. Seeing a rare species of bird needs hard work and a bit of luck. Many professional bird watches use the technique of making a list. This list consists of the set of birds they plan to see or capture them in the camera. They roam to zoos and forest like a wanderer by ticking the very one they came across. Some passionate birders even travel a cross-country. A bird watching guide is the first thing to accommodate.

This guide will come handy for you while you go in search of a particular species. The guide tells you everything about the bird, their living area, the climate they like, trees they follow, the food they eat, and about their reproduction. You can start with your checklist with the help of the guide. Select your favorite, research them, and make a list. Bird watching needs patience, so if you want to become professional in this task, you need to do practice starting from the very day you choose it.


So now you understand the beauty and serenity of birdwathcing. In the times when the world is hot by pandemic, and people are roaming around wearing medical masks of all kind, birding comes as a relief. Utilize this time of gloom by watching mesmerizing birds and peeping into their world. Let this hobby bring you joy in the tough times of pandemic and quarantine.

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