Golf Rangefinders: A Boon or Bane to the game?

The use of golf range finder is increasing day by day in the game of golf. With the best golf rangefinders coming in laser and GPS it is transforming the interacting pattern of the players. It is improving the players understanding of the environment and improving their gameplay for both professionals and leisure players. Whether you are using your best golf rangefinder or not using at all these are here to stay.

Though the golfing community is divided on whether these are good for the game or are spoiling it, the truth is that more and more golfers are using these and improving upon their game. In fact, it is really a hard call to say no to a gadget that assists you in distance needed to be accurate and fast. In fact, polls show that nearly 70 percent of the golf players in the US use the rangefinders.

Rangefinders are no doubt becoming popular among the golf players, but traditionalists still not prefer it. You would rather trust your gut or would take your caddie’s word for it. The range finder is still not accepted by old-timers. So is the golf finder good or bad that is the question that arises?

The Benefits of the Golf rangefinders:

So first let’s see the benefits they offer and see how important and useful they can be in a golf game.

  • They are easy to carry and use
  • They are accurate and fast.
  • They rush up the game
  • They can be carried with you anywhere in the course
  • They are wearable
  • The end your dependency on yardage book and makers
  • They assist you in choosing the right club to attain accurate ball trajectory
  • They let you decide the accurate distance and avoid hazards
  • They can help you find the blind spots with GPS
  • They can assist you to get the accurate distance of the landmark, flagstick or any point on course

So you can see the amazing benefits that the golf rangefinders possess. We can clearly see that it enhances our golfing abilities and assist us to improve our game. So what is an issue or problem that makes some players dislike it?

Well, some players like to feel the whole game by themselves and like to walk the distance see the hurdles and decide the distance for themselves. Call them old school but they like it that way. But does the golf rangefinder have some flaw or it is flawless.

The answer is the golf rangefinder does have some issues and complaints, so let’s explore the common complaints that the regular rangefinder users face or feel:

Golf rangefinders can cause distraction and even interruption in gameplay:

The GPS or Wi-Fi connectivity on the rangefinders can be a cause of major distraction or interruption during a play. Meeting reminders, messages or even unwanted offers can come during the game and can make you lose your focus and mood.

The yardage walking habit is destroyed by golf rangefinders:

The golf rangefinders have destroyed the essence of the game and made is so faster that now people no longer walk for the yardage. It has shrunk their time on the golf course.

It has depleted the ability to learn and develop skill and has reduced practice:

The golf rangefinders have apps that can easily make you capable of attaining a ratio of 3:1 that too without any effort. They can also give you a precise distance, this can feel like cheating to some. It can be also considered as a short cut to being good at golf without doing any real practice or skill.

People become obsessed with numbers:

People use rangefinders and become fanatic about accuracy. People hit 65 yards and the rangefinders show 70 yards and they become disappointed about it. Even if they get well in the green but the obsession with golf rangefinders number makes them feel they underperformed. So the rangefinders do have this number of obsession effect on people.

It wastes a lot of time due to players ‘fiddling’ with it:

There is a popular saying that curiosity killed the crow, the same goes for people who use golf rangefinders. These gadgets come with loads of features and applications, in fact, there is a feature for every shot in some rangefinders.  So the golf players become so indulged in the features after each shot, which slows down the game and breaks the essence of it.

So what is the conclusion?

The truth is that the best golf rangefinders have changed how golf players play the course. But to say that it has changed the essence of the game would be wrong. It has indeed made the game more engaging and fun. They have reduced the walking, caddies, learning lessons and even destroyed the traditional ways to pave the way to modern technology and connected all this to your phone. But it has also let you know the accurate distance to the hole and has helped improve your game manifolds. Overall rangefinders are here to stay and even if you don’t like it, there is no harm in giving it a shot, who knows you may change your perception about it.

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