Interesting Facts about the Planet Mars

6 Interesting Facts About The Planet Mars

Mars which was named after the Roman god of war is the second smallest planet in the solar system. This ‘Red planet’ as it is called has always fascinated mankind. In fact, scientists are so peculiar about this fourth planet from the sun that there are 56 mars missions send so far, more than any other missions sent to space.  There are many amazing and mysterious facts about mars that would startle and amaze you. Here we have assembled 6 such top interesting things about the fascinating planet that it would force you to buy the best portable telescope and gaze at Mars from your backyard. So here are the 6 Interesting facts about the planet mars:

1. Mars has Two oddly shapes moons:

The Red Planet has two moons known by the name Phobos and Deimos. They both have an odd shape as compared to moons of the other planets in the solar system. They are believed to be so because they were asteroids, sucked by Mars’s gravity. But among these two Phobos is doomed, as it is believed that is would crash to the mars in thirty to fifty million years’ time. This would be caused due to the tidal force of Mars.

Moons of Mars

Pieces of The Red planet have reached earth:

The low gravity on Mars has attracted numerous asteroids to its surface. These massive hits cause massive debris, most of which stay on the surface but some travel in space. These debris travel space into oblivion, but some of these have reached our planet earth. These Mars meteorites are known as SNC short form for Shergottites, Nakhlites, and Chassignites. The research on these has proved elements or gasses present in them to be similar to that on Mars.


The Tallest Mountain of the solar system is in Mars:

The mountain of Mars Olympus Mons is 21 Km high and the diameter is about 600 Km. This makes it the tallest mountain of the entire solar system. It is nearly 3 times taller than our highest mountain Mount Everest. It is believed to be an active volcanic mountain by scientists, this despite the fate that it is billions of year old. But you would be surprised to know it is not the largest volcano of the solar system in terms of surface area, that crown belongs to our earth’s own Tamu Massif.

Olympus Mons

Mars and Earth share similar (Approx.) Landmass:

The mars have only 10% of Earth’s mass and 15% of volume, still, it has an equal landmass compared to earth. Surprising isn’t’ it? Well not so much as 2/3 of the earth’s landmass is covered by water. Moreover, the gravity on the mars is only 37% as compared to earth. This literally means that if you jump on mars you would reach 3 times more height than on earth. Which means on mars you would jump higher than top-class high jumper of earth.

Mars Landmass

Mars would have a Saturn like ‘Ring’ in the future:

As discussed in the first point the mar’s moon Phobos is destined to fall and shatter on mar’s surface. The debris caused due to this would form a circle around mars like Saturn. It would be a spectacular vision, but alas we won’t be able to see that thorough your best portable telescopes. This activity would take place in nearly 20-40 million years’ time.

Rings of Mars

Mars is the Favorite planet for space scientists:

Mars has been the favorite destination for scientist, this can be proved by the fact that there are 56 total mars explorations till today. Man missions are still to happen but unmanned explorations started in the 1960s. The explorations have been not easy, rather the failure of 30 mars explorations itself proves the intensity of difficulty in mars missions. But we are hopeful that soon going to mars would be as easy as going to your favorite holiday destinations.

Image courtesy NASA


Mars has been and would be always the most desired planet for space explorers and scientists. It has always been one of the favorite planets for astronomy enthusiasts. For people who love night star gazing never miss the mars with their best portable telescope. Rather the view of the red planet has always been a visual bliss. If you have kids do make sure to get them their telescope for kids and show them the enchanting beauty of Mars. You would be introducing your children to the most fulfilling and enlightening hobby of their lifetime. So these were the 6 Interesting Facts About The Planet Mars. We hope you learned something of value today.

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