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Telescopes- The Perfect Gift For Your Child

Today we are living in a world where children are addicted to mobile and video games. A whole lot of the children’s time is consumed by these modern gadgets. Which is a pretty worrisome scenario. Numerous studies have shown that too much mobile phone viewing and video games are pretty harmful to a child’s physical and psychological health. The idea to gift your child with the best telescopes for kids is a pretty great idea, to beat mobile and video game addiction and to introduce your child to a whole new universe.

Star gazing is the hobby you can inculcate in your child and change his or her life forever. The world of stars, planets, and moons is something which would spellbind them for life. With the best portable telescopes, you can take your child to the open sky and dazzle him or her with the amazing view of the universe. You just have to introduce this new view to your child and he or she would be attached to it forever.

How to choose the best telescope for kids?

The worst mistake that the parents make is to give their child a bad telescope. A flimsy telescope may be cheap and shiny but the view it generates can spoil the whole magic of stargazing. Early bad experience can spoil a child’s mood from this amazing activity. So extra care should be taken when you buy telescopes for kids. Just remember that telescope is not a toy.

When you are clear in your mind that this is not a toy, you would always select the best telescopes for your child. You would see it as an important tool for gazing star and not as a time pass for your child. So how would you choose the best telescopes for your little ones?

Aperture and not Magnification:

The main difference between a serious telescope and a toy is the word magnification. The fancy ones would always focus on the word ‘magnification’ and would show some figures like 100*200 etc. Don’t fall for it, these ones are not real telescopes. Any person who has a basic knowledge of telescope knows the important term is ‘Aperture’.

In simple terms, the aperture is the diameter of the light-gathering mirror or lens of the telescope. The clarity of any heavenly body depends upon how much light we can capture in the lens. It is not about the magnification but about the light-capturing capacity of the aperture. The lighter the aperture captures, the cleaner the object would look. So always look for the aperture size when buying a telescope. So aperture of 80 mm to 300 mm (3.15” to 12”) or more should be your ideal choice.

Don’t fall into the trap of an Equatorial mount

The equatorial mount is a bad choice for kid’s telescopes. These mounts are designed to have 1 axis of rotation which is parallel to the earth’s rotation. That is why they are complex to set up. Although these are cheap and vividly available it is a strict no-no when it comes to buying kids telescopes. So always avoid the equilateral mount when you are purchasing the best telescope for your kids

Price factor:

There is no limit to the price of the best telescopes for kids. Some telescopes are available for a few bucks while some are in thousands of dollars. The market online as well as offline is flooded with various telescopes. But a good entry-level telescope can be easily brought for 100$ or less. If you go a little higher there are absolute bliss options in telescopes at the 100-300$ range. The Orion 10015 StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope would be an ideal choice in this range. There are better telescopes in a higher range, but the range of 100-300$ is best for a child’s perspective. This offers a wide range of quality telescopes and would offer a great learning curve in your child. It is also advisable to choose the portable telescope for a complete and wholesome experience.

Computerized or manual:

Although the computerized telescopes give a better view and experience. They enhance the details in viewing. But these telescopes are really expensive and difficult to handle. You have to learn the working and details of the manual before using it. Still, if you have the budget for this and want to gift your child the best then we would suggest looking for Celestron – NexStar 4SE Telescope, which is the best in this lot. It is also economical when compared to others is the segment.


The fact that you are reading this article is proof enough to prove that you care for your children. It is good that you worry about your child’s future. Introducing your child to telescopes is a really intelligent and smart move. It shows that you are an alert and concerned parent. Once you have made up a tour mind to buy the best telescope for 2020, just do some research and give the best gift for your child. Help to make a good hobby for life. He or she would always be thankful to you for this.

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